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Something new on my phone…

By | August 19, 2019

Every so often when I’m using my phone or a tablet or a PC, I discover something new that I’d never even heard about before. It isn’t always actually new – sometimes it is and sometimes I’ve just never come across it before. Sometimes it’s something that makes me pull my hair out – discovering… Read More »

What is “NFC” – and why would you care?

By | August 5, 2019

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in 14 years of writing about computers, it’s that techies love a good bit of confusing jargon. Especially taking a phrase that’s already confusing and making it even more confusing by making some sort of word or abbreviation out of the first letters. I mean, I understand you don’t… Read More »

Of Phone and Tablet Cases…

By | July 29, 2019

I mentioned not long ago that if you have a tablet or smartphone, I’d probably recommend having a case of some kind. I keep my phone in one of the leather types (well, I’m not sure it’s real leather – but that type).  One where there’s a flap that folds round to cover the screen.… Read More »